Good Fortune Package | 吉祥如意

$28.80+ per pax ($30.82 w/GST)

(min. 30 pax)

Auspicious Appetizer
Chef’s Creation of “Golden Yu Sheng” with Smoked Salmon Slices and Golden Fish Skin topped with Yuzu Sauce
Five Treasure Platter (Octopus, Jellyfish, Prawn Mango Salad, Crab Egg, Roast Chicken)

Prosperity Soups
Seafood Tofu Thick Soup

Prosperous Hot Favorites
Lotus Leaf Rice
Stir-fried Seafood Mee Sua with Chinese Chives
Fatt Choy Broccoli with Pacific Clams
Braised Sea Cucumber with Chicken
Canton Style Fried Tiger Prawns

Festive Sweet Delights
Chilled Ice Jelly Royale with Honey
Mint Rainbow Kueh Lapis

Refreshing Beverage
Mandarin Orange Drink