Prosperity Package | 吉祥高照

$38.80 ($41.52 w/GST) Min.30 pax

Auspicious Appetizer
Chef’s Creation of “Fortune Yu Sheng” with Baby Abalone and
Golden Fish Skin topped with Yuzu Sauce
Five Treasure Platter (Octopus, Jellyfish, Prawn Mango Salad, Crab Egg, Roast Chicken)

Prosperity Soups
Supreme Double-boiled Fish Maw Thickened Soup with Crabmeat, accompanied with Vinegar

Prosperous Hot Favourites
“Eight Treasure” Chicken Rice* OR Steamed Chicken Rice with Chinese Sausages & Broccoli
Stir-fried Seafood Mee Sua with Chinese Chives
Imperial Seafood Pot (Broccoli, Xiao Bai Chye, Mushroom, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Pacific Clams & Prawns)
Half-Shelled Scallop with Chilli Crab Sauce served with Toasted Buns
Golden Roast Chicken with Plum Sauce
Crispy Seaweed Seafood Roll with Sweet Sauce

*Item contains nuts.

Festive Sweet Delights
Sweet Barley & Beancurd with Ginko Nuts & Red Dates
Mandarin Orange Panna Cotta

Refreshing Beverage
Guava Fruit Punch